University of Waterloo Equestrian Club

2016/2017 UWEQ show team roster

Applications are open July 26th, check our 'OUEA Team Tryouts' page for the form! Tryouts for the 2016/2017 OUEA season will happen on September 11th at Findaway Equestrian so make sure to have your application submitted a week before then!

Open Division

Nicola Augustin, Kyla Gardner, Hanna Licksai

intermediate division

Kirsten Dunn, Lauren Augustin, Christina Doherty, Sarah Duschenes

Novice Division

Sarah Baker, Stephanie Houghton, Leah Baxter, Teri-Lyn Hasted

Entry Division

Eureka Choi, Kate Didiano, Jessie Tucker, Emily Murray

Past Team Members


OPEN- Amelia Pilon, Elyse Batista, Kyla Gardner, Hanna Licksai

INTERMEDIATE- Rebecca Terrell, Sarah Duschenes, Elizabeth Hardy, Hannah Ellingham, Christina Doherty, Taylor Blackwell

NOVICE-  Teri-Lyn Hasted, Sarah Baker, Aqua Rempel

ENTRY- Shauna Tebbutt, Eureka Choi, Emily Bysche, Jessie Tucker, Kathleen Fryer, Cassandra Hahn



OPEN- Amelia Pilon, Elyse Batista, Kyla Gardner

INTERMEDIATE- Kelly Manning,  Rebecca Terrell, Sarah Duschenes

NOVICE-  Elizabeth Hardy, Hannah Ellingham, Sarah Baker

ENTRY- Teri-Lyn Hasted, Keegan McCallum, Shauna Tebbutt, Emily Bysche, Emily Thompson



OPEN- Amelia Pilon, Elyse Batista, Kyla Gardner, Rafic Dalati 

INTERMEDIATE- Kelly Manning,  Taylor Blackwall, Lindsay Small

NOVICE-  Caitlin Hughes, Elizabeth Hardy, Rebecca Terrell, Sarah Baker, Hailey Piccinin

ENTRY- Erica Clement-Goudy, Hannah Ellingham, Beth Trinkwon, Jessica Synder 



OPEN- Amelia Pilon, Sarah Vaselenak, Evin Ballatyne

INTERMEDIATE- Sarah Vaugh, Amarah Epp-Strobe, Kelly Manning, Amanda Murdoch,

NOVICE- Caitlin Hughes, Rebecca Terrel,  Alexa Roeper

ENTRY- Erica Clement-Goudy, Hannah Ellingham, Andrea Reman, Beth Trinkwon, Jessica Synder 



OPEN - Carra Ballantyne, Sarah Vaselenak, Steph Houle,  Rebbeca Norris

INTERMEDIATE - Amarah Epp-Stobbe, Dylan McPhail, Kelly Manning, Lindsay Small,  Isobell Rode

NOVICE - Amanda Murdoch, Alison Cheeseman, Brittney Stanley, Danielle Luxton,  Caitlin Hughes

ENTRY - Jenn Flemming, Lauren Bentley, Erica Clement-Goudy 



OPEN - Steph Houle, Sarah Vaselenak

INTERMEDIATE - Amarah Epp-Stobbe, Dylan McPhail

NOVICE - Amanda Murdoch & Brittney Stanley

BEGINNER - Erica Clement-Goudy, Cassandra Masny 



OPEN - Evin Ballantyne, Kaylee Verougestraete

INTERMEDIATE - Amarah Epp-Stobbe, Michelle Laughlin

NOVICE - Dylan McPhail, Amanda Murdoch

BEGINNER - Roberta Graf, James Brown, Emily Dalgish

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