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The University of Waterloo Equestrian club is proud to allow the social aspect of the equestrian life you left behind to continue through the fun events that will happen throughout the fall and winter term. From bar trips to Dallas to on-campus socials, from trail rides to trips to the Royal winter fair, and from educational clinics to Gymkhana games, there's bound to be something for everyone with an interest in horses.

Never sat on a horse before? No problem. Almost all the events require little or no past riding experience. Trail rides will be on horse's used to packing people with no experience, and are led by knowledgeable people to help you along the way. Worried all these events will eat your University Budget? Don't fret as we don't expect everyone to attend all the events. You can simply choose the events you'd like to attend as your budget allows. And best of all, no club fee to join.

If you'd like to get notices about all upcoming events, ask us to add you to our e-mail list and you'll start getting announcements about which events are when. In addition, we usually post events on our facebook group, as well as our website calendar. Generally, you'll get a notice about an event two weeks in advance or more so that you can plan ahead. We look forward to introducing (or re-introducing) the exciting world of horses to you.

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