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We are always welcoming new members. Our Facebook group always has information about what's going on and you can email the club account if you have any questions for the exec team.


Facebook group: Click here 


Some of these links and sites might help answer any questions.

Ontario University Equestrian Association - This website has all the information you need to know about the OUEA shows including standings, rules, and forth-coming shows.

Ontario Equestrian Federation -In order to participate in several recognized equine events and activities (including the OUEA shows), you must purchase an OEF membership.

AIEC - The International University Equestrian Federation runs student competitions held all over the world.  Lots of fun and worth checking out. 


Thanks to our supporters who sponser our OUEA shows and support our team!

Iron Artvark Designs

Cricket and Blue

Sinopoli Tack Shop

Gigi and Tea

And many others! Consistently being updated. 

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