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  1. What is the Equestrian Club?

    It is a club where equestrian enthusiasts can share there love of horses, socialize, and even compete with other members.

  2. What can I do as a member?

    Our club arranges a variety of trips and events that any member can partake in. We arrange social events, road trips, clinics, fun competitions, and are always open to new ideas, especially if it's one we haven't done before

  3. What costs are involved?

    There is a $12 membership fee for the club that gets you a T-shirt and discounts on club activities. The cost of the membership pays for its self with the discounted event prices. If you choose not to be a member you can still participate in our club events at full price. The only extra cost is it's an unwritten club rule that you help pay for gas when carpooling.

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  1. What kind of lessons are they?

    Findaway Equestrian Center and Ridge Lawn primarily caters to the Hunter/Jumper/Equitation discaplines. While we are open to the idea of western lessons, we don't know of any lesson western barns. If you know of one, please contact us.

  2. What level do I need to be at to take lessons?

    Lessons tend to cater from people who have never ridden before right up to the 3' hunters and jumpers. Lessons for more advanced riders can be arranged, but these riders tend to have their own coach.

  3. How do I get to the lessons and how much do they cost?

    Our lessons coordinator will do her best to work around everyones schedule. Riders will be grouped with people of a similar level with similar timetables and with atleast one person who has a car. Lessons at Findaway are $40 for a 1 hour lesson, $35 at Ridge Lawn. You will pay for a month's worth in advance and typically riders will have one lesson each week (although you are free to request less or more lessons). Carpoolers will also help the driver out with gas (between 1-2 dollars depending on how many ways the cost is split).

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  1. What is the OUEA?

    The OUEA is a university-run show circuit where riders are not required to bring a horse to the show. A horse will be provided to each rider at random, and they will be expected to navigate an equitation course or perform an under saddle class with no prior warmup. It is a catch-riding style event and is run similar to that of the IHSA circuit down in the U.S.A.

  2. Where can I find out more about the OUEA?

    To find our more about the OUEA, you can browse our videos under the media section or in our Youtube account. You should also visit the official OUEA site and browse the rules; this will give you a feel for how the show runs.

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