University of Waterloo Equestrian Club


We offer a wide range of activities such as trail rides, clinics, trips, and socials for all our members. Our Hunter/Jumper lesson program is run out of Ridge Lawn Equestrian and Findaway Equestrian Center.  The UWEQ team is also a proud member of the Ontario University Equestrian Association, a student run group which allows university students from all over Ontario to compete in hunter equitation classes on unfamiliar horses.

Whatever your equestrian addiction, you're sure to satisfy your craving for everything equestrian with the University of Waterloo Equestrian Club.



The University of Waterloo Equestrian Club was founded in 2005/06 by Lisa Cahill and other equestrian enthusiasts. The grounding principle was to have a student run club which promotes the equestrian sport through events, clinics, socials and competitions. Although the club started out small, the club has grown each year, allowing more events and ideas to substitute the equestrian world most members had to leave behind when they start university.


The purpose of the University of Waterloo Equestrian club is to:

• Increase and promote an interest in horses, the equine industry and equestrian events.

• Meet and provide contact with other horse enthusiasts at this and other universities.

• Plan events and activities including (but not limited to): lessons, trail rides, clinics, parties and outings.

• Foster and encourage further education, knowledge and experience with horses and the horse industry as well as improve riding ability and general horsemanship through lesson programs, clinics, and events made available to members.

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